Those special memories

barbourAs I struggled into my very, very old Barbour I realised just how special that jacket is to me. I have worn it through thick and thin, and, perhaps, it might end up with me on my final journey, which begs the question, what do you hold on to with affection? It can be anything. I’m sure there are wonderful stories out there, please share, we would love to read about them.

Following the interview on the radio I am in touch with several ladies and one lady shared a story with me that she had an old jumper that belonged to her dad and she still uses it when she gardens to this day. It makes her feel closer to her dad she says. She is in her 80s so the jumper must be of a certain age.tablecloth

I knew that I wanted to write a blog about memories and I found this tablecloth that belonged to my mum. If I remember correctly there was in the past a nunnery in West End somewhere and mum would often use them for making nighties, and tablecloths etc. Does anyone remember this? Let me know.

As you see on my page there is a logo Happy to Chat. When I receive the badges from the Jo Cox charity I’ll be wearing one. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens. Will I be ignored, or will people think I’m bonkers. I have been considered a bit odd in the past so we’ll see.

Speak to me if you see me wearing the badge.

Yesterday Glenda and Lottie the puppy came for lunch. Lottie is getting on brilliantly. Such a good girl but Lou is still not impressed. Went for a short walk which was lovely.

After tea and cake they left. Lou retired to the bedroom for a rest and I settled down to watch The Yorkshire Vet. I really enjoy that programme, it makes me wish that I lived in the country with a few animals and a bit of land, but common sense prevails and to move to the country at this time of my life would not been sensible.

My friend and dog walker has arrived to clean out my cupboards something that I can’t manage anymore.

She tells me her favourite item is a pair of jeans that she loves but can’t fit into anymore. She’s trying to change that.

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2 Responses to Those special memories

  1. jools_crouch says:

    Photos added for you. Make sure you get some sunshine today as I think the weather’s due to break soon!


  2. Thank you for adding the pics,


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