Not horrid Henry but horrid Friday

Friday started as most days do, dog walking, tidying up, and then a gradual downward spiral.

Nat came to clean the bathrooms and shower room. Believe it or not I live in a smallish flat that has one en suite, one separate family sized bathroom you would call it, and a separate loo. Can’t imagine why there are so many. However, in the process of cleaning the en suite the loo sprang a leak. Shut the cover down and the water simply returned to the loo at a seemingly alarming rate. Next where was the stop cock. Under the sink? No! Off I walked down the hall to see if anyone could enlighten me and finally found it with the hot water tank. Next obstacle, how to turn it off. We tried and tried then resorted to spraying it with olive oil which did the trick. No water after the turn off.

I telephoned the insurance company who deal with such problems and was given a three hour slot in the afternoon. Time passed, no engineer. I repeatedly phoned and was told they were going to come, but again no engineer. The new time for arrival given to me was ten o’clock at night. I certainly didn’t fancy letting a stranger into the flat at that time so decided to postpone until this morning. Interestingly the insurance company dealing with this was one that is particularly noted for its services to older people amongst others.

Water was being bought from Tesco and I envisaged having an old fashioned strip wash in the sink in the morning, but two knights in shining armour called round and isolated the loo, so I had water on tap again. Then the engineer turned up at 8.30, took some pictures and said he would order the part and return next week to fix it.

For those who suffer from Atrial Fibrillation the stress sent my heart into a flutter, which meant that I didn’t sleep too well.
Woke up feeling breathless and tired, but decided to just take things easy.

Happy Days!

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