Lack of artistic flair

catcraftI attended the Beacon Cafe today and a most enjoyable time was had by us all. You will find me on the “craft table” where Jane our long suffering teacher helps us to make all manner of things. Today it was a fluffy cat. You can see how well mine turned out. I do not appear to have any craft wherewithal, but it’s hung on a hook in the kitchen not displayed too dominantly.

The cakes were particularly moreish today. My favourite was a lime and coconut. A Mary Berry recipe I believe.

Mid morning the lights were shut off and a chocolate cake was bought in. One of the members was 90 years old. However, he didn’t have to blow 90 candles out which I’m sure he was very relieved not to do.

Do you think that would account for my wonky felt cat? I would like to think so.

When I was a secretary in the dim and distant past my fingers used to fly over the keys. No problem then. It’s just when you put a needle and thread in my hands then I’m all fingers and thumbs.

I have been following the campaign on Loose Women regarding body image. Such a good thing to bring into the open. I’m just a little upset that my attempts to relieve loneliness do not seem to be heard. On a small budget you are restricted in what you are able to do. No large budgets to get more attention, although I have been fortunate in many ways, but not quite enough to make a real difference.

The moral: love yourself as you are, and reach out to others.

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