Wet,wet,wet, and yoga

What a day yesterday was. The wreck at Hiltingbury was very busy first thing in the morning with the usual dog walkers hoping to avoid getting stuck in the downpour. I did in fact escape unharmed you might say, arriving home dry and no drying off Lou. I do find it difficult to do the drying bit, head, legs tummy and everything in between but all went well. Lou is such a good girl. She just stands. Resigned at what’s going on.

Settled down to watch Lorraine and waited for Nat to collect lou for her mid morning walk. She’s a lucky girl but I’m happy that she is meeting up with her friends for a while, not stuck in the flat with me all day. Although I’m really aware that she’s getting on in years, it is much easier now. She doesn’t have so much energy and is more amenable to having a rest with her mum in the afternoon.

Went for my yoga session with Elliott. Enjoyable although not attending for a week showed all too clearly. At this point I did get wet when returning to the car. I find the meditation quite challenging. It is difficult to remain focused in that one minute of time. How do others find meditation?

Had a nice cup of tea and left.

Lou returned looking very bedraggled so dried her off and settled down to read. I read such a lot.

My daughter phoned to say that it was likely that her horse which is loaned is possibly going to be put to sleep.She was so upset and the feeling of sadness and grief fed through the atmosphere and I felt very sad as well. I guess it’s because lou has been poorly for a while and I realise how fragile everything really is. The sleep that I managed to get last night was not what you would call restful,so a bit bleary eyed today.

Went to Tesco round the corner from me, and bought some plants for the tubs. Such good value and they were well watered, definitely something that a lot of bought plants are not. Managed to plant them out this morning, so a bit of sunshine would be nice.

Enjoy the dry day won’t you?

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1 Response to Wet,wet,wet, and yoga

  1. Eileen says:

    Well done you for trying meditation, it’s one thing I have never mastered. Still hobbling on crutches but improving and have physio again this afternoon. My kindle has gone wrong so life is definitely more boring, the screen locked and now can’t get anything on it at all.have resorted to reading books and actually doing some embroidery. Can’t wait to get outside to enjoy the weather though. Keep well, coffee is getting closer!


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