Loose end

I’m going to sound very pathetic. Family have left for sunnier climes for a week, hence I’m trying to fill up the coming week with things to do. No problem you might say. Do the housework, ironing,oven cleaning but my enthusiasm isn’t up to it. Do you find that when you should be constructive it’s the time you least want to do things?.

I have however sorted some days out with activities. Yoga and Reflexology at the Wessex Cancer Trust, and visiting a lady that I have befriended through The Good Neighbours scheme. She lives in a flat which is really nice, but it’s towards the rear of the building, so she can’t see what’s going on, because in fact nothing much is. She tells me she counts the strands leading from a pylon outside. I’m so sad that this is all she can see. There are of course lots of activities going on around her, but she is unwilling to join in.

Lovely walk and I was hot. Yes it was actually hot first thing this morning, but looking out of the window now I see it’s clouded over again.

Off to my charity shop later, after taking lou out for a short stroll. My regular dog walkers are currently walking part of the South Downs. I hope they are not getting too wet. I really miss them selfishly.

Tomorrow might well be the worst day for me. Sunday sounds lonely somehow, but who knows?

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