Sunshine all the way,so they say

My weekend in fact was pretty good. I changed my routine slightly and decided to go to the charity shop in the morning instead of afternoon. I knew that I would feel pretty tired if I went in the afternoon after taking lou out again so decided to go in the morning.

Amazing what I came home with. Some teaspoons, (I keep throwing mine away), a rolling pin, and a Yankee candle. My flat smells lovely.

We were quite busy which helps with time passing quickly. We were surprised to see a tractor or something similar parked outside of our window being cleaned. The shop is next to the car wash. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tractor being washed alongside cars.

It does amaze me to see people coming into the shop and then they go outside and rifle through the bins. It is decidedly dangerous because so much that is thrown away is often broken like porcelain and pictures, so the chances of being cut I would think are high.

One of my fellow co-workers asked if she could take Lou out on a charity walk for Hearing Dogs, but regrettably declined because the distance would be too much for her. She would love to have gone I’m sure.

I was going to watch North by Northwest but decided against it and taped it, or so I thought. I can’t download from catch up either.

Yesterday I cooked lunch for my grandson. I can’t remember when I last cooked a roast. It was good. He was keen to leave so he could watch the Saints match, but unfortunately they lost.

A bit of shopping today I think.

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