A day to remember for all the wrong reasons

I was dismayed to learn of the sad events in Manchester where so many people died and were injured in the bombing.

I saw the mum whose daughter was still missing. Just how do you keep going in such circumstances?. My eyes were welling up as she stood before the camera hoping that someone somewhere could answer her awful question, is she alive? The people of Manchester were amazing, from offering water, tea and sympathy,to transporting the people who were lost not quite knowing what they should do and where they should go. Nothing could prepare you for an event such as this. I’m so sorry.

The day seems surreal in many ways. The sun was expected to shine, but not in my neck of the woods, and it is difficult to remove the events of the last twenty four hours from my mind.

After lunch I settled down with my book when all hell broke lose.A workman had set off the fire alarm, which is situated just outside my door,and he couldn’t shut it off. It went on and on and I began to feel quite unwell. The noise just penetrated everywhere, in my head, in the flat. I decided I would put ear plugs in, and I was just softening them up when the noise stopped. I was very pleased.

My love to all in Manchester at this devastating time.

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