A shall I or shan’t moment!

Woke up to another wonderful day. Sun shining and very warm. Usual walkies when it is cooler, so that lou is able to enjoy running around with a few of her doggy friends. She is very selective in her choice of friends. We were glad to get home in the cool. You might say that just waking up is a bonus at my age, but another day begins. Thank you.

I don’t really know how people are able to sit in the sun for hours. It is certainly something that I can’t do. However, if I was beside a glorious swimming pool or beach I can quite see that I might change my mind, but the choice of swimsuit would be quite challenging as there are many bits I would not wish to be seen.

The shall I or shan’t moment is do I do my shopping today before I totally run out of things.Even the cat is on her last pouch. Arn’t we lucky to have a choice. In my younger days shops closed on Wednesday afternoons and there was no such thing as Sunday opening. I even remember the horse and cart delivering the milk, the horse’s name was Strawberry. I don’t know how I remember this but it is imbeded in my head.Used to clamber up to sit next to the dairyman with permission, for just a few plods down the road. When important occasions came about, weddings and Christmas we had to place an order for that special cream we loved. Who remembers the tinned ham, and tinned salmon which was such a treat?. We are so spoilt now getting anything that you might need or crave just about anytime of the day or night.

I’m hoping to go to a barbecue this afternoon weather permitting.
My family have safely returned to the U.K. My daughter had bad news whilst on holiday. Her horse Belle had to be put to sleep. So sad.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you’re doing, be it shopping or out in the garden.

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