Feeling tired

Pleasant enough day yesterday.Usual walks, but then everything started going downhill late evening.

Took Lou out for her last wee of the day all good. Inside and then she proceeded to devour the cat food. I wasn’t as fast as her to the bowl, so the dish was empty before I had the time to put it out of reach.

Off to bed and then she started whimpering. What to do? I hate it when things happen at night. It is so isolating. First I thought she was too hot,so covered her in wet towels, no that didn’t work. Still she whimpered. Tried to ignore it-didn’t work. Had she had a stroke, should I give her pain killers. Decided to keep her hydrated and wait for my vet to open this morning. The out of hours vet is in Winchester and I can’t say I know my way around Winchester very well. Sad state of affairs but I rarely need to go into Winchester, because I buy most things from the Internet.

Time passed very slowly and finally someone answered from my vet and we went straight down. Sarah was lovely (she always is) and examined Lou carefully but couldn’t find anything wrong. I did mention the possible stroke, and she said it had occurred to her as well, but lou’s heart was fine and she was walking okay, so it’s a wait and see time. She said to put bowls of water all over the house, because sometimes the oldies can’t be bothered to get up for a drink, so it’s quite possible I’ll be moping up the floors during the day, because I will have tipped the water bowls up.

Expecting a friend for coffee if I can stay awake that is. Met up with her at her house last week for a coffee. Tray laid up with an embroidered tray cloth,home made cake,and china cups and saucers. I did manage to bake a cake yesterday and even located a couple of cups and saucers. I’m afraid I drink out of mugs all the time, although mum and dad always used their china cups and saucers.

I am hopeful that all will go well with Lou today, and I manage to have a nap during the day.

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1 Response to Feeling tired

  1. Eileen says:

    Hope Lou recovers, and you get your nap.


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