Painting flowerpots and open topped minis

I woke up early,and after preparing my breakfast decided I would cook a joint of ham,so I could have cold ham and salad for lunch. I was so glad that I did, because I’m quite exhausted following my busy morning out,especially as it’s so warm. Had English strawberries and cream for pudding. Yummy.

Had such an unexpected lovely day today. Went to the Wessex Cancer Trust for a most enjoyable craft session. We were presented with a terracotta pot and a whole stash of acrylic paints in all colours of the rainbow to choose from. Evidently the darker the paint the better as it hides the terracotta pot. I chose two lovely shades of blue and finished off with a large daisy. I did take some photographs and hope to be able to post them on the blog later. Tea and coffee and homemade cake were of course on offer.

Off to look at the minis. Beautiful red topped mini took my eye, but then my wise head said no. I’m not so young or agile anymore and although getting in and out today is good, what about tomorrow and the next day or two. I was very tempted.

Called to see a friend who is getting over a knee replacement. She does look very tired, but like most of us oldies she won’t rest, and tries to do everything she used to before the operation. Then discovers that she has to sit down and rest. We are a stubborn breed us oldies.

I had a lift home with my dog walker. Van filled with dogs looking forward to going home, but they have the most wonderful time playing in a large garden, and going walkies. Nat who is the dog walker has looked after the dogs for years. I have been a customer of hers for seven years and now my daughter who is getting a puppy in a couple of weeks,has asked if she could look after her new puppy when inoculations permit. I love it that she knows all the dogs so well and the animals are best friends. She is also strict on the number that she looks after which is a good thing. You often see a number of dogs with one person only,which is just not safe.

I hope the heat abates somewhat because I fear it’s going to be difficult to sleep tonight.

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