A new friend?

When I first arrived in Chandlers Ford I tried to meet one new person a week. Of course I have met many people in my time here, but as with most things it has slowed down somewhat, but perhaps today has changed that.

During the week I was sitting looking out of my patio doors when I noticed a lady pushing a pushchair obviously picking something up from the pavement. To the front of the flats is a fir tree which is shedding it’s cones,so I assumed she was picking these up. I went outside to talk to her, and she was indeed picking up the cones. She makes decorations for Christmas and gives them away to rest homes etc. I did ask if she would like to help herself to the ones that had dropped this side of the fence. “Yes please”she answered and it was agreed she would call this morning to do the necessary.

Of course it became obvious that there was a problem. Lou has been unwell again so another trip to the vet was in order. I phoned the vets and explained that I would need an early appointment, as stupidly I had deleted all my messages, and therefore was unable to contact the ‘cone lady’. I did in fact beat the vet into the surgery. Still the same answer they don’t know what’s going on. Blood tests etc on Monday.

I was luckily in time for the cone lady, and with my faithful grabber were able to nearly fill her bag. Ironic that she also walks with a stick. Her left leg is damaged, and my right leg is damaged so we make a good pair.

Nice chat over a coffee and another new acquaintance made. Friends are so important, and in my mind you can never have enough, although most have only a handful of real friends,those that are always there for you.

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