Gloomy weather and worrying times

Once again we were all horrified and dismayed as the terrible events in London unfolded. So much courage  showed by so many. I wonder if I would help or run away.  I would like to think I could be one of those who helped.

I know from listening to others that there is a lot of worry about friends and loved ones having to travel to jobs in London, which is quite understandable. One person said she spent all day trying to contact her friend and was getting very worried, but everything was okay.

What a difference between the reactions in London and Manchester. Manchester is so visible in their grief. London quietly sad but determined to carry on.

Moving funeral of the young lass buried at her home on the Isle of Barra.

It makes me so blessed that I am able to attend my coffee morning today and meet up with my friends. We all take so much for granted don’t we ?

Lou had her blood tests yesterday so it’s a waiting game. She was pleased to go out for a short walk this morning,  but eating is a challenge. I buy her all the things she should eat but most of the time she just picks at her food. Sounds just like a child doesn’t it, trying to coerce it into eating, I remember trying to make my children eat. Who remembers making very strange noises like choo choo noises with the spoon hovering near the child’s mouth. I haven’t been doing that with lou…

Popped out to Bambridge Garden Centre which was packed. Bought a few plants that were in the reduced section, planted them outside and then we had that welcome rain. I was so pleased I didn’t have to try and water the plants. When I need to water the outside plants, I have to put a bowl and jug by the door to do the honours. There is quite a step down from my door to the garden outside. I know I hear you saying get a step, or a watering can,but of course haven’t done that as yet. When I fall out the door will get something done. We most of us do something after the event like “shutting the stable door when the horse has bolted”.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful day.






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