Grief seems to come over me in waves like the waves on the sand. One moment I’m okay the next sad, sad, sad. First night without Lou and I kept thinking I could hear her claws on the floor and in the last days of her life her whimpers. It breaks my heart.

I think. Did I do the right thing but of course I did? I feel as if I’ve aged fifty years, and I daresay I look it to.

Many lovely messages from friends and family which is some sort of consolation.  My special thanks to Nat the dog walker who was with me and Lou all the time. We just stood there with tears streaming down our faces. The vet kindly supplied a never ending supply of tissues and a bottle of water. I’m joining her this morning (the dog walker) to pick up her charges, and then I hope to be able to have Reflexology later, but I don’t feel up to driving so I shall see if I can sort something out.



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