Women’s breakfast group

Jane our long suffering helper at the craft table at The Beacon Cafe was chatting about the women’s breakfast group, which was being held yesterday.  It seemed to be just what I needed. Friendly faces a hymn or two accompanied by a guitar and prayers. Pretty obvious that I would shed a tear or two and I did. For some reason in my befuddled state I failed to register the word breakfast club, so I had already eaten my cereal, yoghurt and fruit, but a tantalising smell of fried bacon was the first thing that I registered, along with pretty roses on the tables. Some ladies had obviously worked very hard. There was a talk about ethical trading which was interesting and not too long. If I sit too long I start wriggling can’t seem to help it.

Off to my daughter’s for a drink and then to the charity shop. As you imagine much of the talk was about the shop closing. Customers and staff were very shaken.

Do you remember wearing slips under your clothes. We had some donated yesterday. Beautifully clean and lovely. Does anyone wear them these days though?

I returned home absolutely shattered as my day started so early yet again. Would love some sleeping pills, but because of my heart problem I can’t take them.

Had a lovely card from the dog charity Cinnamon Trust with a poem inside suggesting that we and our pets meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I do hope so.

Going to get my body into gear and meet up with the regular dog walkers, but expect to be looking for Lou and what she’s up to. It takes so long for things to sink in at least for me it does.





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