I picked up the post this morning, much of which seemed to be the typical junk mail, but lying amongst it was a handwritten envelope (unusual in itself) with the House of Commons imprinted on it. I thought it was probably something from our M.P following the general election, so I opened it in a careless way. Inside was a compliments slip and three Jo Cox loneliness badges fell out. I shall be delighted and honoured to wear the badge (only one at a time of course), because this badge proudly says “Happy to Chat”. This was one thing that Jo was passionate about. To make time for others.

The morning passed very pleasantly with a trip to Brambridge with a friend,to choose something for Lou. We decided on a Prunus Nipponica Brilliant, which is a cherry tree. It has white flowers on it when blooming. I wanted something that would be mindful of what Lou was. The gentler colours mean quiet acceptance, but the branches of the tree have a mind of their own, which is just like Lou was.

I also bought myself some Lavender and Vanilla Fragrance Oil as sleeping for me is proving challenging.  I sound just like the television advertisement moaning about the lack of sleep. In my case it’s because I wake up thinking of Lou, not the problem of a baby in the house. I shall have a few drops on my hanky under the pillow, and then we’ll see.

I have given the plant a good soaking and I will plant it outside later.Our shopping over,we had coffee and cake. My cake was so large I reluctantly decided to leave some.

The rest of my day would seem to be the usual. A bit of television watching,reading and blogging.

Wonderful warm sunny day.


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  1. jools_crouch says:

    So did the fragranced oil help with sleeping? And how is the plant doing in this weather?


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