Nula the new arrival

nula1nula2Family were in a high state of excitement yesterday. Their new puppy, Nula the German Shepherd, was being picked up. It was decided that we would meet the new arrival back at home. My granddaughter travelled from Bristol for the welcome party.

I visited at about 11 o’clock to see what the excitement was all about. Had to have a cuddle as I love the smell that new puppies seem to have. Gosh I missed Lou, although she would not be amused at all. Too hot for the puppy, who slept for most of the time I was there. She actually slept most of the night instead of crying so I’ve been told.

Worked at the charity shop, although it was too hot to do much of anything. Lisa the Manageress set up a large container of jewellery to be sorted at the table, and then found a fan which was awesome. I’m going to miss this when the shop closes.

I’m ‘babysitting’ on Tuesday and Wednesday as her owners are both away for more than a few hours in each day. She sleeps in a crate at bedtime, but it was decided that I needed one in my flat for the upcoming visits, in case I were to go out. I’m not likely to do that as it is my decision to stay and look after her. I’m very glad that the crate idea is consigned to history. It would leave me with little room to spare. No such decision in my early days of having a dog, the crates  weren’t around. You got up in the morning and let the dog out for their walk, and waited for them to return. I appreciate that isn’t possible in today’s age!

Met my friends the dog walkers yesterday and enjoyed the camaraderie. Too hot for me this morning though.

Absolutely sweltering. Far too hot for me to sit in the garden. I have been very diligent with the sun cream, bearing in mind that I have had basal cell carcinoma twice, so don’t want to go through that again. Please make sure you protect yourself and those around you.

I bought a very smart boater from can you guess where? The charity shop.

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