I see the sea the sea sees me

image1On Friday I actually got to see the sea for the first time in a very long time. I so love to  be by the sea. Nice sunny day but a bit windy so a light cardigan was in order. Certainly nothing like the last few days when to say it is hot is an understatement.

Pebbly beach which is not good for anyone with a stick, but was manageable and I was determined to gaze at the sea. Very calm, although I enjoy being by the sea in most weather’s. Cold and blowey, invigorating, wonderful.


Bognor Regis was not as I remembered it, but that’s hardly surprising considering it was such a long time ago since my last visit. It was clean and tidy and to my mind represented the good old British seaside. We went into a shop selling rock,drinks, buckets and spades etc. The lady who owned the shop told me she had only been there for a few months.





Went for a walk and we came across Gypsy Rose Lee but her real name is Vine. She has a small pagoda where she does palmistry, and crystals. Vine looked a true romany and she says her gift has been handed down the family. There is on display a picture showing three generations of her family. She herself has been in her pagoda for over thirty years. She works every day of the week.

Had to have an ice cream don’t you know, and  then returned home. A thoroughly enjoyable day.

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