Phone call

I had just arrived at my daughter’s for a day of puppy sitting when my mobile rang. I was initially confused because the screen said “vet”. I answered and was told that “lovely Lou’s ashes were back home”. Since that conversation I have sat with tears rolling down my cheeks. I thought that I was coping rather better than I obviously am.

I will go and pick her up later today, as I don’t want to go to the time and trouble to get Luna into the car because it is so hot. In my first blog I called her Nula but in fact her name is Luna. I still like Nula but mustn’t confuse her.

You will however be pleased to know that I haven’t lost my ability to mop floors, as Luna came straight in from the garden and weed on the floor. Why do they do that I wonder?

I just felt I had to put pen to paper as they say, but of course it’s words on a tablet in my case. It does help though.



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1 Response to Phone call

  1. Eileen says:

    Oh you poor thing, but do remember that compared to the time you had her she has only been gone a very short time. And bereavement is the same who ever it is for, give yourself time to grieve.


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