Lou home

Following my puppy sitting stint (I was totally wiped out),  I decided to collect lou. As the time drew nearer to my going home,I felt as if I was back at work,  counting down the minutes. I seemed to spend most of the day willing the time to go, and then I chastised myself because I’m wishing my time away. She was quite a good girl, but those teeth are so sharp.  The weather has been over the top, and another scorcher on the cards today I believe.

When I eventually left, decided to pick lou up. She was quite heavy. I shouldn’t have been surprised as she was a big dog. The receptionist and I were both very upset. She herself had just lost her dog. Fortunately there were no patients sitting waiting. We made a great pair. Lou was in a box with a picture of trees and bluebells on the outside. I have put her by the side of the bed where she would often sleep.

On the drive home, up flashed a red light. Called the A.A but nothing serious. I was way ahead deciding what I could do without a car. It gives me independence and I feel frantic when it is challenged.

I’m puppy sitting for a few hours this morning so I’m prepared both mentally and physically. Bucket and mop to hand.

Cat prepared too. She will be put in another room out of harms way with her food and water. Exhausting thinking of everything.


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