W.A.A.F. Pullover and a basket of puppies

20170623_11543220170623_115511Yesterday I had arranged to pick up a friend and attend a craft class. As we drove into the car park I saw it was nearly empty,  unusual I thought. What day was it I wondered, and realised that it was Friday and no craft sessions or anything else for that matter is available at the Wessex Cancer premises. This past week has been challenging and I was certain I had early onset dementia, but I think it’s just the stress of the last few weeks losing Lou. I still find sleep very elusive.

I took my friend home and decided to pop into the charity shop for a cup of tea and a chat, when I saw in a magazine rack a book containing lots of old knitting patterns, and this W.A.A.F. pullover pattern was amongst the patterns. A real piece of social history. I think I shall have to buy the book with the patterns, otherwise it will be lost for all time. Did you notice the price, well before decimalisation?

Went for a trip to get Luna the puppy dog her goats milk, but all the goats were bred for their meat and so no milk. I know it can be bought from the supermarket but it’s so much nicer to have a trip out in the car and visit a farm. I did buy some fresh eggs however, and I’ve ordered some meat to make a curry. I believe it’s very good.

The bestest part (I know it’s not a real word) was a pen with tiny tiny puppies only a week old. Glorious squirming bundles. Mum doing well, as are her babies.

Enjoy your weekend.

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