The word is dogs

Finally decided to hoover and clean up. It doesn’t take much for me not to do the housework these days. Don’t we change. When I was young I would consider myself to be house proud, but really it’s such a waste of time. The time would have been better spent going for a walk, go visit the sea, and back in the day when I lived on the Isle of Wight, it was almost completely carless, so no problem getting to the various beaches. My favourite used to be Bembridge where we used to go cockling much to the annoyance of others. I would have a dog or two with me and as we walked through the sea the cockles would close up and be lost to sight. They were good times.

Called in to collect the goats meat and have another cuddle with the pups. Growing very quickly now. I have promised to take some old towels next time we visit, to help with the rapidly growing pups. As I work in a charity shop there are usually lots to hand.

I have been offered a six year old rescue setter and I think I will offer her a home. I don’t think Lou would mind, and it would give me a reason to get out walking again. It’s so easy to stay in bed and not bother. We all need a reason to get up in the mornings don’t we?.What do my readers think?

Some I guess will think I’ve lost my marbles, others might understand how I’m feeling. Lou was such a good girl, and best friend.

My grandaughter phoned and told me the exciting news that she had just got engaged. It seems likely that the wedding will be a couple of years away. Not long.

Yet another lovely thing to remind me that I’m getting old, or indeed that I am old.

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2 Responses to The word is dogs

  1. jools_crouch says:

    Oooh, another setter, how lovely! Looking forward to pictures!


  2. jenny cayzer says:

    You go for it,! What a wonderful home the rescue setter will have. And of course Lou won’t mind. Brilliant idea. Look forward to hearing about your adventures together.


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