Magic Amazon echo dot

I was really amazed at what this little device could do. Time my cakes (if I make any). Wake me up and soothe me to sleep. To cut a long story short I bought one. It arrived and I was told to leave it alone, they the grown ups would set it up. Two weeks later it was set up but it did present a problem.  We asked what the weather was in Chandlers Ford and back came her chirpy voice “the weather in Seattle is 40 degrees”. We were hooked into the US of A. After a long time it was set up for U.K. I’m delighted with it.

Yesterday was reflexology day and a lovely night’s sleep. I don’t know how massaging my feet and toes makes me sleep but it does.

This morning puppy sitting and then out to lunch,  but without the wine as I’m driving. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had purchased a small bottle of wine with the hope that I could get a good night’s sleep. The first night was great. On the second night I had a small glass which had no effect at all. After that I decided that really I didn’t like the taste of wine at all, so not much drinking, if at all in the future.

I used to enjoy my wine but over time my palate has obviously changed.

Wet day but really refreshing. The air feels clean even if it isn’t.  Enjoy.

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