What am I doing on the floor?

At some point in  the night I needed to use the bathroom  which is an en suite so not a problem you would think. I have a memory of feeling  a little unsteady on my legs so decided to sit down, but I missed the bed entirely and fell on the floor. Fortunately the floor was carpeted so other than a sore head,  and a poorly neck I’m okay. Getting up did prove a challenge. I pushed myself to the bed and then up on my knees (painful) and hey presto was upright again.

Back to bed and felt odd twinges from my fall.

Called my daughter who came to administer Ibuleve to my very sore neck. Due to certain medications, I have to be careful of the amount that is administered, so a little outside help was necessary.

Did pop out with the family to Pets at Home to buy odds and ends for her puppy. Mind blowing just what is available for all animals these days.

Returned home with an apple strudel. Does my neck feel any better? Regretfully no.





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