Sunday what shall I do day?

Decided that getting up early is a fool’s game, when there isn’t much to get up for, and it does make for a long day.

As you can guess I’m feeling a bit down today even though it’s a warm sunny day. Usual clear up chores and then what? I had thought of going to do the weekly shop, but my neck is still painful so decided another day not lifting shopping would be sensible. When you think about it you trundle round the shop,choosing the goodies, load the trolley, pay and load up again, and then whoosh lifting it in the car. I appreciate I can do the shopping online but being a certain  type of being, like to check things out for myself. So I decided to mope, but not for long as my neighbour called and we both enjoyed a good laugh.

I saw a van parked outside the flats yesterday but didn’t really pay much attention, but Mary spied a small man with a large mattress balanced on his head delivering to goodness knows where. I would have loved to  have seen this spectacle.

Phone call later, and off out to lunch with the family. My grandaughter and fiance were visiting for the weekend discussing their proposed wedding. I don’t know how I ever got married. They have spread sheets and goodness knows what else, to achieve that perfect wedding day.

To end what I had imagined would be a boring sort of day, I’m going next door armed with a bottle of wine along with lemonade for a tiffin before bed.

Have a pleasant evening all. (I sound like Dixon of Dock Green) for those who remember the television series.


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