Mulling things over whilst lying in bed

Morning. Your mind does tend to race around whilst lying in bed doesn’t it? Already eaten my breakfast, and now contemplating my day’s adventures yesterday, but perhaps adventures is the wrong word.

Following my untimely rest on the floor on Friday night resulting in a bump on the head,  sore neck and a few bruises I decided that shopping should be left for a couple of days so yesterday was shopping day.

I arrived just before the doors opened, reckoning to be in and out quickly. I did get around quickly mainly because the shelves were almost empty. How does this happen with, I would hope, the capability of ensuring that most shelves are well stocked. The staff were pleasant enough saying that in particular the cakes and bread should have been on the shelves by now. Ha Ha!

The final straw came around the milk stand. The only milk that I wanted was on the top shelf at the very back. I am reasonably tall but it was impossible to reach those bottles. I looked round for a staff member, no-one in sight. I finally accosted a fellow shopper and asked him if he would mind reaching the bottles, which he kindly did. Paid and out of the shop. Complaint made.

I called in to see my daughter and we went off to the vet for the puppy’s last injection. Perhaps in hindsight it was the wrong thing to do, because the tears were just under the surface. I could see Lou everywhere.

Later  in the morning a friend along with her granddaughter called for coffee. Lovely but exhausting. I think it’s because I find talking lots tiring. It must be a living on your own thing. Baby very good.

Bed for a rest in the afternoon, along with the cat who keeps me company. She’s a much friendlier cat now Lou is not here.

Off to cafe today and then Reflexology. Will write more later.


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