Trudy the new explorer for chandlersfordconnect

After much deliberation I decided to increase the family by offering a home to an English Setter aged six years old. I felt that at this age she would be a little less flighty.

She was  transported from Derbyshire by professional dog transporters. She left at 8 o’clock in the morning, and arrived in Chandlers Ford at 8.15 p.m. I was concerned at the amount of travelling they had all undertaken, without realising that they stopped frequently for walks and water. She was, as you might expect, very scared and hungry. The hunger was sorted out, and following a restful and quiet day today, she seems better. Gosh what a day, so hot. Trudy and I are lucky that we are inside away from the searing heat.

I tried to get her into the car so we could go out for a walk, but she was having nothing to do with getting into a car. I hope the lure of food might change her mind.

Cat has spent much of the day under the bed, but Trudy doesn’t seem to be fazed by the cat anyway.

I have discussed her arrival with Lou, and I’m pretty sure she would have liked her.

In future it will now be the adventures of Trudy and Wendy, with Lou being retired now.

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