Kindness in all its myriad of forms

I miss Lou with her easy going ways, but that is not to say that Trudy is a nuisance. She is not. I guess living with an animal for years is similar to living with a person. Each of you gets to appreciate the good and bad things about the other. Lou was like that for me.

I ventured out this morning with Trudy to cross a very busy road. She wasn’t sure what was expected from her so we really could have done better. I have really got to encourage her to get in the car which would be a whole lot safer for me and her. Hence I put a post on our local neighbourhood information platform. It’s similar to Streetlife. I asked if there was anyone who could lend or sell me a dog ramp, and the outcome is that I’ve been lent one to see how we get on. The lady who lent it to me is on maternity leave, with baby due to arrive 2 weeks time.  She was very pregnant and I felt quite sorry for her in this heat. She does however live in a house with a basement, and she has decamped to the basement. She tells me she sleeps quite well down there. Before long it will be a baby crying , instead of the clammy overnight conditions that make sleeping difficult. Hopefully this heat will leave us soon.

I posted a comment yesterday on  the site. I really didn’t explain myself well, and people thought I had found a dog and couldn’t get it in the car. So many offers of help, with some actually getting their cars out to find me. I had to apologise and explain that it was my fault for telling the story incorrectly. It just goes to show  how thoughtful and caring people can be.

The dog is at this moment covered in a wet towel to cool her down. I’m quite tempted to get a large towel, soak it in cold water and cover myself, but then I think what a shock it would be if someone rang the bell. Scarred for life I would imagine.

Enjoy your weekend.

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