Forgetful moments

I had a spectacular forgetful moment when I came to apply for my road tax via the Internet.  Wouldn’t let me do it why? I phoned the garage who supplied me with the car who told me the M.O.T had run out two months ago. I had received no reminders even though I specifically asked for a reminder. It was shocking, I felt really bad but my local garage picked it up yesterday, whisked it off for service and M.O.T so everything good. It is very nice to have a friendly garage just up the road from me.

I would like it to rain. It seems to be even hotter out there this morning. I went out really early to avoid being fried. Shall I crack an egg on the patio to see if it cooks? I’m watching the weather right now, and they saying hotter than yesterday yuck.

Fed the birds filled their water up and put the washing out which is quite a chore. Have to make sure dog and cat are both inside safe. (I live on a busy road). Quite an upheaval. How I long for a small house with my own garden.

Don’t imagine I will be attempting much. Too hot.


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