Socks and wellies at the ready

I was so pleased when it started to rain. A break from watering the potted plants and filling up the birds water bowl, but best of all make breathing a whole lot easier, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference. Still very humid.

Went walking with Trudy, daughter and Luna her dog. The only way to describe it was shambolic.  The dogs were naughty and the wreck was pretty full of walkers and their pooches.  I know most of them from the time spent walking Lou, but there were a few that were new to me, particularly a puppy rescued from Romania.  Sweet little thing, the owner pleasant but no idea of the mayhem Poppy the puppy created. He had only had her since Saturday, and she was off the lead being a total pain as only puppies can be. By the time he realised it was causing me a particular problem he came and extricated the offending pup. It was lucky that no fingers had been trapped and broken. I know what these extending leads can do to fingers – lop them off. Please dog owners be responsible. I will have to find a quieter walk tomorrow.

I have spoken to several local dog trainers who have told me that Trudy’s journey down here last Wednesday,  leaving everything she loved and what she considered to be her security blanket vanished, and they the trainers all felt it would take at least a week, possibly months before she really felt settled.

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