Are you any good at waiting? We do seem to spend an enormous amount of time waiting. I spent a long time waiting for my daughter to arrive for our scheduled walk. Time crept on. No reply to landline or mobile. What’s going on I wondered? I remembered I had her neighbours mobile, so I texted her and asked if she wouldn’t mind popping next door to see if all was well.

Everything was okay. She had decided to have a lie in, but of course it was all my fault. Don’t you know. She told me she wasn’t rushing today, but in all honesty don’t remember this conversation at all. No worries mum it’s just a senior moment you are having. Huh!

Perhaps it’s she who is having the senior moment, but I’m guessing she doesn’t listen to a word I say any way.

Another clammy day with an even hotter outlook promised for next week. Hibernation I guess.

Trudy got into the car without too much encouragement today. Progress. She went off quite happily with Nat my walker and had a good run around her large garden with the other dogs. I believe she was quite tempted to take a header into the pond but this was averted, I think she thought the fish food was something enjoyable to eat.

Whilst she was out I decided to pop to the charity shop to buy some books. I had actually read every book in the flat. I read a lot. I bought three for a pound. Not only did I buy the books but I bought two dining room chairs for £15 to go with the table I bought a couple of weeks ago.I now have a lovely table and two chairs for the grand total of £35. I would love to know what stories the table and chairs could tell. Thought provoking.

Enjoy  the weekend whatever you may be doing.


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