Old age

I am always open mouthed when I see pictures of women similar in age to me. Late 70’s. They look lovely and this begs the question what’s happened to mine?

Drink was very much a part of my life and to be honest I probably drank too much. A partner who was an alcoholic didn’t help much, but following a health scare I gave the drink up. I felt really miserable but over time that became a thing of the past. Now I rarely imbibe. Is this the reason why my body is not so youthful looking? My legs have the horrid signs of varicose veins, and my skin has a few brown marks and a few moles. Not a particularly nice look. Lots of cover up makeup if I go out, other than walking the dog.

Then comes the aches and pains and lack of energy. I particularly hate the low energy thing. I want to keep on and on.

However, went out walking this morning, and I’m beginning to catch up on the news, because without Lou here I had neglected to go walking for its own sake. I felt welcomed again. It’s strange but it takes years to be accepted into the walking group, and when you stop you have to work at getting accepted again. Strange isn’t it. If you’re seen that’s okay but if you stop walking for whatever reason you become invisible and forgotten almost.

Looking forward to picking up my dining room chairs this morning, and hopefully welcoming the rain later.

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