One of the definitions of tears  is the “act of weeping”. What has prompted this blog you might ask.

Yesterday happily leaving home for a bit of shopping my phone rang. All I could really hear were the muffled words and it was obvious that the person was crying. I finally managed to find out what was wrong. She had had an awful morning with her puppy and felt totally at her wits end. We agreed to meet up and together hopefully make things better. At least there would be two of us coping with the wayward pup.

It did seem to work. She left for home a couple of hours later feeling much better I’m glad to say.

What makes you cry. I don’t really think I’m much of a cryer,  but bereavement, pain and a sense of injustice, a weepy film, animals and human suffering bring me close to tears, and of course mustn’t forget music.

If I feel like a good cry it is often because I’m tired, tiredness makes me very vulnerable.

I’m not sure if I should sport a “stiff upper lip” or let everything out, and of course if you readily cry people will eventually get fed up with you and you might earn the nickname “cry baby” but perhaps there’s a replacement word that is used these days.

At the moment I’m fine not remotely feeling like crying, long may it continue.


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