Went walking early this morning and it was lovely.  Birds singing their hearts out, and again I’m wondering which birds I’m listening to, which prompted me to do some research.

Did you know that a lot of goldfinches are called a charm. There is a wisdom of owls, which is so appropriate don’t you think.

There is a mischief of magpies, which is really apt because they do have a reputation for stealing. A sedge of bitterns, and finally a bazaar of guillemots.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bittern or a guillemot, that is in the flesh as it were.

As you know I feed my birds every day, and get much pleasure from watching them. I must admit I’m not keen on rooks or crows, but they need some help as well I would imagine. However we now have unwelcome visitors – rats. Do I stop feeding the birds?. It’s disappointing to find the rats scurrying across the front of the flat, particularly as there are rat baits all over the place.

Another lovely morning here at present. My lovely walkers from The Cinnamon Trust have called for Trudy. She was delighted to go with them. As you know I can’t easily get her in my car but Anne and Derek tell me they have no such problem. I’m amazed and a little cross. Just like a wayward child. Won’t get in my car but Anne and Derek’s of course no problem. Straight in.

Enjoy this Sunday.


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