Feeling disappointed

I was really looking forward to my reflexology today and had sorted out Trudy the rescue dog with the dog carer,  so she wouldn’t start barking, which unfortunately she is apt to do.

Changed out of my dog walking and slobbery trousers, new smart trousers and clean tee shirt, squirt of perfume and then off in the car.

I was vaguely aware of the Reflexologist in the background but I was busy talking as usual. Time slipped by and I realised there was a problem when the Reflexologist went off to get some lunch.  I had been forgotten. Many apologies. Considering this is a rare occurrence and had never happened before, I said no problem and made a further appointment. I did feel a bit put out though. I felt like Billy no mates, a bit insignificant.

I popped into my local shop to buy some milk and a cake. I was in need of a fix. However it is in the bin, didn’t want it at all.

My neighbour and her sister are popping in for a cup of tea to discuss the ins and outs of quilting. Joy makes amazing quilts, and my daughter is just starting out and wanted to glean some of the tricks of the quilter,

I have no artistic ability for anything concerning crafting. I can sew a button on, and in my time I have mended many a sock.  It’s a totally different way of life now and to my mind, a jolly good job too.  I even remember making rag carpets. Gosh I’m old.


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