Quilting, memories and a good laugh

Yesterday my neighbour Mary (90’s) her sister Joy (late 80’s) called for a chat with my daughter about her quilting abilities. Joy brought with her several examples of her quilting which were lovely. Anita  (daughter) enjoyed listening to her pearls of wisdom.

Over a cup of tea and a selection of cakes the conversation then changed course. We were talking of the threat of falling which for us oldies is a thing we don’t want to do. Joy was telling us that she fell in her garden and although there were people within earshot she felt embarrassed and didn’t want to call out. Her problems were compounded because she had had two knee replacements and a shoulder replaced. She said she said a prayer “please Lord help me up” and she then made a real effort and managed to find her feet again. She said a thank you prayer. The way she told the story had us laughing. Such a story teller.

She and her husband  saved and bought their first home in Chandlers Ford for £2000, but they had to sell their car so they could afford the repayments. Following the births of their children they realised how much they missed a car, but Joy pointed out they weren’t saving any money to buy one so they decided to save two shillings and sixpence a month (that’s twenty two and a half pence) if my sums are right. They finally bought one and a trip to the seaside was possible.  It was an A.35. I also drove one of these when living on the Isle of Wight. Such a nice little car. I think mine cost £25.

The two sisters are lovely bickering a lot of the time, which is so nice to listen to, after all they have known one another for a very long time.

I’m so pleased that I know these two lovely ladies.

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