A miserable afternoon.

I’m sat in the lounge  watching it getting darker and darker and the rain just beginning.

Strangely this brings back very happy memories. When I lived in Sussex I lived in a typical 1930’s house, three bedrooms, lounge, separate dining room conservatory etc, but the best bit was the old fashioned open fire. I know we don’t want to be lighting fires in July,  but when it is autumn and the days short, there is nothing like sitting in front of a fire, drinking with friends, eating good food. I was fortunate that at one point I had a chef staying at the house who was a lovely cook. He was quite fond of a glass or two of whisky when his wife wasn’t around. Those were the days.

The fire was a bit of a nuisance. It needed to be cleaned out, coal and logs brought into the house, but when it’s wet outside I really wish I was sat in front of it again. The chimney sweep was entertaining. My neighbour cleared everything out of the room and had a spring clean after the chimney was swept. I didn’t go quite so far as spring cleaning.

Now I only have night storage heaters not quite the same ambience.



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