Walking round Valley Park

It is so nice being out and about again with Trudy, catching up with the walkers I used to see. Today we met up with Marigold, Myrtle, and their owner. Marigold and Myrtle are french bulldogs. Gorgeous and so naughty. They took themselves into the river and walked out on the opposite bank. Owner no wellies. She was shouting “I’m going home goodbye.” I’m always tickled to hear owners saying this, the dogs take no notice whatsoever. Shouting treats did the trick however. It seemed to take hours to walk just a few feet. Luna and Myrtle had a lovely time. Myrtle in her owners words is “thick”  but you can forgive her shortcomings, because just one look at her and your heart melts.

Yesterday I went to visit the charity shop as they were short of helpers. Arranged for my daughter to dog sit and off I went. It turns out there were many “helpers” so I returned home but not until I had spoken to a young lady who also helps out. She is 21 years old, and to me so young in every way. I then realised that I was married at her age and that really pulled me up short. I obviously was very ill equipped to get married and that probably accounts for the divorce albeit many years later. I’m sure there are many people out there who married young and are still together years later.

My marriage was under some considerable strain as my son was very wayward you would say. We didn’t pull together but drifted apart to the point that it was better to leave the marriage than to stay. I have had no contact with my son for many years.


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