Early walks and making a birthday cake

To avoid me crossing the road with high speed cars all around me, (or so it seems) I’ve been getting up really early to go for the first walk of the day, but you may be surprised to learn I’m never alone. There are still one or two dog walkers out, and people already getting set up to play tennis. Needless to say have to return to bed for a snooze in the afternoon, but Trudy prefers it if I doze off in the recliner. Lou was the same as well. I don’t know if in their doggy minds I’ve left them for good if I go to bed, but sitting or lying on the recliner is acceptable. Guess I’ll never know.

It was my daughter’s suggestion that I help her to make a fridge cake for a friend whose birthday it was. Why was it that I got to do the grotty things like breaking up the biscuits, measuring all the ingredients, and then clearing the mess up. She is so good at involving everyone in her jobs. It’s quite useful to get someone to help out in this way just wish I had the knack.

Into fridge, as it was a fridge cake, and a small piece of the cake was put into a container for my tea, but I couldn’t get it out. It had well and truly stuck to the tin. I forgot to grease it, so no tasting for me.

Went to join the family  for roast beef with all the trimmings yesterday evening. Nice supper.  The very best part of the day for me was that Trudy actually jumped in my car, so I will no longer need to get out walking early as I can take my car out with her in the boot.

Just a little thing that might make you laugh. I rarely go to the shops anymore as I buy most things on line. I’m desperate for a new bra or two but needed to determine the size. It was quite hilarious trying to do the measurements yourself, under your bust over and just about anywhere. You pop the answers into the box and hey presto the answer appears but they are all different from each other. What to do now?

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