Phone in on This Morning on loneliness

I was watching This Morning today and was pleased to learn that there was a phone in from the public regarding loneliness.

I was very interested to hear what was said and I fully understood what they were both saying. One lady lived in the country and had recently lost her husband and felt quite isolated. She did own a dog but described herself as a fair weather walker, so I don’t think there was much interaction with other dog walkers. She felt that learning more about the Internet was a worthwhile thing to do, and it was suggested she find out if the local library could help her with this. I know libraries have a lot of classes available in all sorts of things.

The other phone in came from a younger person who did have a disability, and felt she was on the fringes of everything, not being invited into the circle. This is so hurtful but I know from my trying to connect with others who are lonely, that most people think there is an ulterior motive, if you ask if they would like to have a cup of tea or coffee. She also worked in a charity shop as do I,  but felt she couldn’t class them as real friends. I feel much the same although I have a lovely relationship with them all, but have never been asked to go out for a coffee.

Last year I had a get together at the flat for all those who made me feel part of their lives in a small way. I’m going to do it again this year but I won’t hold out for an invitation from them any time soon for that meet up and chat.

When I’m feeling lost I just go and snuggle up in bed with a good book. I think it’s like a security blanket for me.

Missed my meeting with the girls at the Beacon Cafe. Trudy still not confident getting in and out of the car, and frankly I’m exhausted just getting her in and out for an early walk, to want to do it over again.

There is some excitement at the flats. The council are proposing to build a temporary car park opposite the flats, whilst work is in progress demolishing buildings and erecting new facilities. Goodness knows how all the extra cars are going to find their way down  the already busy road, and enter the new temporary car park. We shall see.

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