I’m struggling to write anything remotely interesting, as the weather has certainly dampened my enthusiasm for anything especially outside activities. I did have a short walk yesterday and it was short. Still managed to get very wet though.

I do have a waterproof coat with hat but I hate the hat. They never seem to fit do they, and in the end I take it off and get wet. I much prefer to get wet than wear the terrible hat. I’m lucky that my hair has a natural wave so I like to think I don’t look too bad. Who am I kidding?

Today does seem to be better. I can see some sun, but what to do. Walking goes without saying.

Did anyone see the fantastic programme on television about the oldies and the four year olds,  how they each helped one another out, and it showed how much the oldies improved. Walking improved and their memory. It just shows how much we can gain from each other. I hope we see more of this happening in our residential homes in the U.K.

It did make me sit up and think about what can be done to help us oldies, especially as it was said that these homes could be considered a waiting room.

From ducklings hatching, to playing on the floor. Remarkable.

Children had a great time too. Final episode last night. Will have to watch it on catch up.


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