Working again at the charity shop

As Trudy is worried about being left on her own, I’ve felt unable to work my rota at the shop. I am also mindful that the other flat dwellers don’t want to listen to her barking either, but today with the help of Derek and Anne, The Cinnamon Trust walkers, I could spend a while there.

When I arrived it was before opening time but no-one around although cars were parked outside. I noticed there was a window open upstairs, and I was wondering if I should contact someone in case there was someone collapsed inside. However I needn’t have worried all was well.

Busy morning. We sold two wheelchairs and other items. One lady bought a small yellow polka dot teapot (I wonder if you thought I was going to write yellow polka dot bikini) but no. She lived in Cambridge and was on a visit to her family. She supplied tea and cakes to her friends in Cambridge and was always on the look out for pretty teapots and china.

There were several baskets of material just ready for quilting. I phoned my daughter and she was going along to have a look. She had spent the morning at the local accident and emergency. They think she might have cellulitis.

I had the task of sifting through bags that had been donated. This is a “sitting down” job which suits me just fine. Inside one of the bags was a pale blue negligee. Very Grace Kelly looking.

I’m sure you will have realised that I live in a ground floor flat. It is very strange to me what appears outside my door. Of course the usual rubbish, and then playing cards. Do they continue to play without a full deck? I am intrigued.

Further along there are tea bags and cigarette buts. Not very nice. Please don’t think I live in a squat, because I don’t.  It’s very pleasant. Just surprising what sometimes appears.


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