Unexpected visitors

This morning started much the same as others, the only thing different was I decided to buy some bits and bobs from Tesco’s early. I had waved Trudy off with Anne and Derek and decided to pop out to the shop which is just a few minutes away from my home.

Doing my own thing, supermarkets tend to make me oblivious to anything else, when I heard my name called. It turned  out that it was a fellow dog walker, who like me decided on an early shop. Nattered a bit and we split up. When I left the store she was outside waiting for me, and the long and short of it is, she came in for a coffee, along with her dog Meg. There is something nice about having a spontaneous meet up. You don’t feel you have to tidy the house they just have to take you and the house as they are. No stress.

Over coffee discussed most things including her buying a new rug from Bluebellgray. I had never heard of this company, but after she left I logged on. Lovely carpets although they are quite expensive.

Saw Liz and Meg off and then another visitor. Out came the coffee, another sit down and natter, and then for the third and final time my daughter with her puppy Luna arrived. Busy few hours but enjoyable.

Snack lunch and then out for dinner. Way to go

At the time of writing this blog I hadn’t realised it was Happy Friendship Day, so my drop in friends were very appropriate.


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