Dogs that can count

During our walk this morning we met one of our usual walkers who was pretty sure his dog could count (although I’m not so sure). Most of us walk around with treats in our pockets and dogs very quickly learn who has them.  This particular dog was quite happy with eating one treat, but if you upped the treats he wouldn’t leave you alone. One okay, two represented annoying jumping up behaviour.

My daughter has bought an old run-around for her dog, to save wear and tear on her mini, not to mention the lack of space for a rapidly growing German shepherd. It has unfortunately a problem so at the present time it is in the garage awaiting attention. In the meantime as her mini has been cleaned inside and out, the dog isn’t allowed in, but my car is okay to pile all the dogs in. To be honest my present car is one that I’m not particularly fond of, so no problem. I picked her up at lunch time for yet another walk in the rain. The dog by all accounts is lucky to be alive. She had ripped out the LED lights fitted into the kitchen units  (you know the sort, pretty colours around the bottom of the skirting board), and was thoroughly enjoying herself. I must say I had a giggle.

Off for a snoop at the charity shop. My daughter bought two pairs of curtains which she was going to turn into a cover for the sofa.

Finally home made a cup of tea and the phone rang. It was a very nice call. I have been invited to a cream tea at a hotel in Romsey next week. Something nice to look forward to.

Reflexology tomorrow. Another enjoyable hour spent having my feet massaged.

Saturday is dog sitting for Luna and Trudy. The family are off to the I.O.W for a music festival, so I’m dog sitting. I’ve warned them that if the dogs are naughty I’m going into the crate for a sleep and leave them to it, the dogs I mean.

I was fortunate to attend the first ever Isle of Wight festival which was indescribable. I remember the hundreds and hundreds of people who were there. The nude bathers (much to the disgust of the locals) and the sheer volume of humanity. Trying to feed them, offering comfort and just being. I must say I felt quite scared at times.


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