Hip hip hooray the sun’s out

At long last that yellow thing we occasionally see in the sky has made a welcome appearance, and doesn’t it change people’s attitudes. More smiles and a keeness for a natter. Coats off. It felt warm and best of all dry.

Dog walking friends out in force for our first walk of the day. One little Westie had blotted his copybook and we laughingly placed an Asbo on him. He had taken it into his head to leave the group and head off home all by himself. It does make you wonder how many dogs would be handed out Asbos.

A good friend accompanied by her three grandchildren and dog entered the field. Youngest hanging on to the wheelchair, the other two doing what young boys aged 10 get up to. She was in a rush but assured us the gin was already in the fridge awaiting her attention at the end of the day. I bet that first gin will taste blooming wonderful.

Had my reflexology and now I’m so chilled out, don’t know what to do next. Perhaps nothing.

Have been given my instructions for the dog sit day so all good. I know when to give out lunch when to play and most importantly when to leave.

Do I have some gin in the fridge for my return. No I don’t because I hate gin. It brings back very bad memories of gin and orange back in the day. Uhh!



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