Saturday’s adventure

Today is the day I’m to look after the puppy Luna, as her family were off to a rock festival.

Trudy was picked up by my walkers and it presented me with an opportunity to get some shopping from Waitrose. It was so quiet even at 9 o’clock in the morning. It is usually so busy so quite enjoyed the experience for a change. Treated myself to a cake for my mid morning break.

I was to “rock up” as they say at noon to feed Luna, and let her out in the garden. I just about managed it, as Trudy was late back.

Toilet training sorted and food despatched. Thought I should let the family know that all was well. Back came a text “mum she’s already had her lunch.” The dog walker had already fed her. No problem with eating more though.

Quite an enjoyable afternoon, quiet and no biting.

I was looking forward to watching a bit of telly but they had a new Sky box put in and I couldn’t work it out, so no watching telly.  I did find a book though.

At five o’clock puppy was getting herself wound up, so I decided to put her in her crate and beat a retreat. The dog walker was visiting later in the evening. I got home then the questions arrived. “Did I shut the door properly”. I felt uncomfortable all evening, even though I was sure that I had shut the door properly

Today (Sunday) I decided to get my car cleaned. It was very much in need of a good wash and vacuum.

I was the first,but it wasn’t too long before other people arrived. They work so hard those car valeters.  I’m exhausted just watching them.

Out for dinner, and we shall see what next week brings shall we?. I hope it’s going to be kind to us all.

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