A better day

Trudy seems to be more like her old self today, following visit to the vets.  The vet understood why I had removed the collar, as it was the only thing that I could think of that was different in her routine. Now I shall have to go back to another flea and tick treatment, and rue the day i decided to buy the collar in the first place. They are not cheap to buy.

The good thing is she didn’t wake up at 5 o’clock as is her wont, and I managed to have a little lie in.

Pleasant walk with the girls, and an even nicer walk at Hocombe Woods this afternoon. Lovely and deliciously warm, but where are the butterflies? I don’t remember seeing any at all.

Met family and enjoyed a hot cup of chocolate before coming home. Home was not particularly serene as some guys were hacking the hedges down, but they have finally left.

I hate to see all the broken hedges and bark hanging in strips. It seems so harsh, and I can now see my neighbours clearer if indeed I wish to look at them. I like a bit of a green screen it makes me less visible.


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