How not to walk the family pet

Met up with my daughter who was in a tizz as she had lost her purse. Went to investigate her house again, phoned a local shop to see if she had left it there.  No joy. We ladies carry so much in our purses don’t we? She had bank cards, driving licence and all the detritus that you would expect to find. However went through her car again and there it was. We then decided to go for a walk. As Trudy had been so good off the lead I let her go. Big mistake. From a dog who could barely move she was off. Over the road round the houses. I just felt helpless and stupid. If I had waited until we had got into the woods, shut the gate behind me,she couldn’t have run across the road. Stupid, stupid. We did catch her eventually, but felt in need of a cuppa.

Off to a local garden centre where they welcome dogs. We issued the dogs with strict instructions no weeing or anything else.

There was a lovely smell that comes from room diffusers, soaps and drawer liners, but it was pretty obvious that we were heading towards the autumn.  Some of the plants looked very sad. I know that lots were in the sale, but still that feeling of something ending.

After much fuss of the dogs we sat down. My daughter got the tea and cake whilst I held the dogs. I was sitting down and thought there would be no problem. Wrong. They got themselves entangled with the leads, but then a very nice lady appeared and took Luna the puppy dog from me. As she walked away I was suddenly very worried that she would leave with her, but she just took her for a drink of water. I consider myself to be street savvy, but it just shows you how quickly things can change.

Tea to hand, along with a slice of cake, I was looking forward to tucking in, but I couldn’t manage to eat all the cake. Before I had time to decide what to do with it, whoosh it was gone. Luna really enjoyed it, so my ten pounds spent, mostly ended up in Luna’s tummy. She didn’t eat her supper and slept all night. The cake obviously was very satisfying.



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