Cream tea at Romsey

I was invited to join my friend Sylvie for a cream tea at The White Horse in Romsey.

Cucumber, trout, egg and cress, and ham sandwiches offered, along with scones and cream. You had the choice of strawberry jam or lemon curd. Plentiful supply of tea. The waitress was very pleasant, and she told us her home was in Spain, and although barely speaking the language a few months ago, she was managing very well. Cakes arrived, too many to mention, and too many to eat. They were carefully divided into two, and presented to us in nice boxes for the onward journey home. The only downside as far as I was concerned was there was no parking, so a walk was the order of the day. Perfectly okay on a nice sunny day, but, with very black clouds threatening, not great, although we arrived home before the thunder and lightning, rain and hailstones began.

It was a most enjoyable couple of hours.

Upon my return home I clicked on Chandlers Ford Friendly Neighbours where many and varied posts appear. One such post asked if anyone was going to the Romsey Show and could this lady find a companion to join her. That prompted me to post a request to ask if people would like to meet for coffee, chat, knitting, playing cards all ages. We shall see what happens next.

It is becoming obvious that the weather is changing, nights are darker as are the mornings, and hibernation is not so far ahead. It would be good to have a meet up with folks from time to time.

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