Back to my favourite charity shop

With the problem that is Trudy taken care of, i.e being left, I was able to return to the shop for a short time. No matter how I feel when I’m at home, could be tired, lonely or just not myself, I always feel so much better when I’ve been to the shop. A kiss and a cuddle what a nice way to start the day,

Nice easy sitting down job,  and a catch up on the news, and there maybe something to report later.

To complete my back to work feeling, I bought a small rug for my lounge, a silver lampshade (very pretty) and a cushion all for the princely sum of a few pounds. When I look around my little flat, I think most of what I have has come from the charity shop. I know that the younger generation would prefer modern to old, but I love the old things. The wonderful wood mostly very shiny and obviously well looked after in its time. I wonder what stories these things could tell us,

My daughter managed to find a pair of curtains for my neighbour for a very reasonable sum, and spent some of the afternoon hanging them for her. The old ones were consigned to the bin because it’s reckoned they were at least fifteen years old.

Sun shining and I think I’m going to do some baking. This is not something I do often, but I really enjoy eating a piece of cake with my tea in the afternoon. No matter how good the cakes look in the shops they certainly don’t taste like home made.

I hope your Sunday is pleasurable.

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