My inspiring friend

Carol is someone I have known for many many years, but after my move from Sussex do not see much of her now.

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer about eighteen months ago and following a large operation she started her treatment. Yesterday she finished it, and today she has a scan to see the state of play. I phoned last night just to say I was thinking of her and how did she feel. She replied that no amount of worrying was going to change things. I’m not sure if I really believe that, but I’m going on what I think I would be feeling, and that would be scared. The worst part for her is that she won’t know the results for eight weeks. That’s going to feel like a lifetime.

She has something nice to look forward to however. She and her husband are off to Britany for three weeks in their motor home. They love France. The food and wine especially.

Back to me.  I have been having the most awful headaches and I have now started to keep a diary on the food that I eat, to see if I can discover anything that sets the headaches off. It’s really debilitating and I hate taking pills all the time.

Nice walk with Trudy. Very grey, very warm so taking it all together, a bit yuck.


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